RSpec Shared Examples with Ruby on Rails

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RSpec Shared Examples with Ruby on Rails


RSpec shared examples are a utility that is used in Ruby applications to cut down on the amount of code repetition that occurs in tests. They let programmers describe a certain action or situation only once and then use it in a number of different tests and specifications. This results in a time saving, a reduction in the complexity of the code, and an increase in the maintainability and readability of the tests.

Shared examples can also take parameters, which makes them more flexible and lets developers use the same example to test a number of different situations. Shared examples, despite the fact that they may have some potential drawbacks, can be an effective tool if they are used appropriately and with naming conventions that are both obvious and consistent.


Shared examples can be very useful for testing complex applications that have many different behaviors and edge cases. They allow developers to write more comprehensive tests without sacrificing readability or maintainability. By reusing common test examples across multiple tests or specs, developers can save time and reduce the risk of introducing bugs into their code.

DRY principle

By minimizing code duplication in their tests, shared examples help developers adhere to the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle. Instead of writing the same code multiple times, they can define a shared example only once and then use it in multiple tests or specifications. This saves time and makes their tests simpler to maintain and comprehend.


Sharing examples improves the readability of tests by reducing the quantity of code that must be written. Instead of writing long, redundant test code, developers can just include a shared example that describes a certain behavior or scenario in a clear and concise way. This makes it easier for developers to understand what the test is trying to do and what it wants to achieve.


Shared examples make tests more maintainable by reducing the amount of code that needs to be updated when changes are made to the application. If a shared example is updated to reflect a change in the…


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