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The Ruby on Rails framework has a function known as rescue_from that gives you the ability to manage errors in a centralised and well-organized fashion. It is used to rescue specific exception classes or modules and handle them in a specific way.

When an error occurs in the code, the interpreter will search for an appropriate rescue block to use in order to deal with the error. rescue_from is a method that gives you the ability to choose which exceptions should be rescued and what actions should be carried out after they have been rescued. For instance, you might use it to send the visitor to a new page, display an error message to them, or report the issue they encountered.

It can be used in controllers, services, or any other class where you want to handle exceptions. When an exception is rescued, the interpreter will jump to the matching rescue block, execute the code inside it, and then continue executing the rest of the program.


rescue_from in Ruby on Rails is a powerful tool that allows you to handle exceptions in a more organized and consistent way, improving the overall quality and maintainability of your code and providing a better user experience.

Centralized error handling

One of the main benefits of using rescue_from is that it allows you to handle exceptions in a centralized location. Instead of having to handle exceptions individually in each method or controller where they may be raised, you can handle them all in one place.

This makes it easier to keep your code up-to-date and makes sure that errors are handled the same way everywhere in your app. This can be particularly useful when you have to handle a lot of exceptions in your application.

Improved code readability

rescue_from allows you to separate the logic for handling exceptions from the logic for handling the normal flow of the application. This makes your code more readable and easier to understand. This separation of concerns allows developers to focus on the main functionality of the application without worrying about exception handling.

Better user experience


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