Git Hooks with Ruby on Rails — part 2

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Git is a technology that is essential for software development teams because it enables teams to collaborate on projects and manage changes to source code. However, when projects increase in size and complexity, it may become challenging to keep up with the many activities required in the Git process.

This may be especially true when the projects involve a large number of contributors. This is when the gem known as "overcommit" comes into play.

Overcommit is a Git hook manager that can assist in the automation of a variety of operations that are associated with the Git workflow. It offers a straightforward approach to enforcing coding standards, validating code modifications, and streamlining the Git procedure.

In this post, we’ll discuss the advantages of utilizing the Overcommit gem, as well as the ways in which it may assist in making your Git workflow more efficient.


Installing the Overcommit gem in your Ruby on Rails project is the first thing you need to do in order to configure it. You are able to accomplish this by including the following line in your Gemfile.

gem 'overcommit'

Then, run bundle install to install the gem and its dependencies.

After installing the Overcommit gem, you will be able to define your hooks in a configuration file that you have created. Execute the following command in the terminal in order to do this:

overcommit --install

This will create a configuration file in the .overcommit.yml file in your project's root directory.

The next step is to configure your hooks using the appropriate settings. Defining what actions should be executed for each Git event, such as committing, pushing, or any of the others, is required for this step.

To ensure that your test suite is executed properly before each commit, for instance, you might add the following code to your configuration file:

- Task: Run Tests
Command: 'bundle exec rspec'
Type: runner

This will run the yardoc command before each commit, checking that your code is well-documented.


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