Git Hooks with Ruby on Rails — part 1

4 min readMar 11

Git hooks are an exceptionally useful component of Git that enable you to automate operations and enforce standards inside your Git workflow. If you want to learn more about Git hooks, continue reading this article. In this post, we’ll discuss how you can include Git hooks in a Ruby on Rails project that you’re working on.


Git hooks are scripts that are executed by Git at particular stages in the Git process. Git runs these scripts automatically. For instance, a pre-commit hook is executed before the making of a commit, whereas a post-commit hook is executed after the making of a commit has been executed. Git hooks can be used in a variety of ways, including to enforce coding standards, automate testing, and carry out other user-defined tasks.


They are especially helpful for teams that are working on huge projects and wish to maintain high levels of code quality while still collaborating effectively. Some of the following are examples of situations in which you could want Git hooks:

Automating Testing

Git hooks allow for the automation of testing procedures by executing tests either before or after a commit or push is made. This helps to ensure that your code is constantly in a healthy condition and decreases the likelihood of bugs and regressions occurring in your application.

Enforcing Coding Standards

Git hooks may be used to enforce coding standards by evaluating the code before a commit or push and rejecting the commit if the code does not satisfy particular criteria. This can be accomplished by reviewing the code before a commit or push. This contributes to the team’s ability to maintain a high degree of code quality while also ensuring uniformity.

Deployment Automation

Git hooks may be used to automate deployment operations by running a script to deploy your code after a push to a remote repository. This can be accomplished by triggering the script from inside Git. During deployment, this can save time and lower the possibility of making errors due to human intervention.

Code Quality Checks


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